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Problems with Facebook ads when promoting Instagram accounts

The most common mistakes and their solutions

Sometimes a Facebook campaign doesn't turn out the way you want. No wonder there are so many options when it comes to delivery, design, placement, referrals, or advertising fees. If you are interested in the features of promoting an account on Instagram, look at the website https://smmtouch.com/en.

With luck, Facebook will point out the problem directly and clearly. For example, when ads are not approved. But there are a ton of other cases, too many to consider, especially for beginners, and sometimes "just" everything is just too expensive.

At this point, we want to start reviewing the most common problems with Facebook and Instagram ads and campaigns new to marketing. Without claiming to be complete, of course. Please note that issues such as "My ads are too expensive" are usually caused by multiple issues at the same time.

General problems with the campaign
• Wrong target selected. The campaign doesn't do what it's supposed to do and completely misses the actual goal, such as traffic or engagement. If you don't choose the right goal during setup, Facebook will optimize the entire campaign for it. -> Create a new campaign.
• Campaign stopped. In most cases, this is because you have reached your spending limit. Please note that you define the limit both in the account (in payment methods) and in the campaign. -> Increase the limit or enter a new means of payment.
• Campaign type and your goal do not match. Do you really need clicks, but are you running a reach campaign? You see it yourself, don't you? -> Define your goal first, then follow the recommendations in Ads Manager. Two goals? Turn it into several campaigns with different advertising media.
• Message type and destination do not match. This can happen especially if you are promoting organic posts on your site. In general, the type of post should fit the purpose, even if you're not posting ads. But if you need traffic, for example, and you use a post with an image with a link in the text, this will not do much. -> First select your target through the ad manager and follow the format guidelines from Facebook.
• The campaign will not be delivered. Also falls into the category where there can be 100 reasons. Unfortunately, you will have to go through this entire post once. -> If Facebook doesn't give a hint, check your target group (see below) and bid strategy. This is a good start.
• The campaign becomes more expensive over time. Typically, frequency (the number of times users see your ad) increases slowly, and at some point performance drops. -> Use the new promotional material, update and reconfigure the campaign. Don't run the campaign for a few weeks/months.
• The campaign becomes more expensive over time. If the target group is too small (see below), the campaign will eventually run out. -> Set target group.
• Activated the same campaign again and performance suddenly deteriorated. It may also happen that performance is affected by the environment. This means that others are betting on the same target group. -> Just because the campaign cost x€ this week, you shouldn't expect it to be the same next week.
• Facebook ads cost too much because you deactivate your campaign too quickly because the price is too high. Then Facebook has no chance to optimize this campaign. Facebook itself says it only got used to it after 50 events (clicks, conversions...). -> Activate the campaign again and give Facebook some more time.
• Landing page not optimized for smartphones / very slow. Most ads are played on mobile devices. If your website does not perform well on smartphones, it will negatively impact your campaign. Yes, Facebook checks this automatically!
• Bad site. If you don't optimize your website for conversions and make it user friendly, no matter how well Facebook can optimize ads for conversion, nothing will happen to you. -> Optimize the site.
• placed as an advertisement. You'd better refrain from doing this. Take a look at the Facebook Algorithm or the Instagram Algorithm and then consider whether you want to spend money on many followers or not use the money directly to run organic ads and increase the reach of your posts.

Facebook обвинили в использовании ботов в рекламе
Facebook обвинили в использовании ботов в рекламе
Компания Limited Run (Нью-Йорк) провела исследование, кoтoрое показало, что порядка 80% кликов по ее рекламным объявления в социальной сети Facebook
Facebook хочет заработать на малом бизнесе
Facebook хочет заработать на малом бизнесе
Целью новой программы компании Facebook стало привлечение малого бизнеса к его рекламной платформе. Инициатором данной программы стал операционный
Facebook убивает SMS-бизнес сотовых операторов
Facebook убивает SMS-бизнес сотовых операторов
Операторы мобильной связи теряют доходы от SMS-сообщений по вине Facebook. Об этом говорится в исследовании консалтинговой компании Strand Consult.
Спрос на акции Facebook превысил предложение
Спрос на акции Facebook превысил предложение
Спрос на акции социальной сети Facebook превысил предложение. Об этом сообщает Reuters со ссылкой на источники, знакомые с ходом сбора заявок,
Инвесторы оценили Facebook в $104 млрд
Инвесторы оценили Facebook в $104 млрд
В четверг на бирже компаний высоких технологий NASDAQ было проведено первичное размещение акций социальной сети Facebook. В первый день торгов акции
В General Motors отказались от рекламы в Facebook
В General Motors отказались от рекламы в Facebook
Крупнейший автомобильный концерн США General Motors уберет рекламу из Facebook. Как сообщается на сайте The Wall Street Journal, такое решение было
Посетители, находящиеся в группе Гости, не могут оставлять комментарии к данной публикации.
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